Monday, June 28, 2010


Veerabhadrar Temple
Veerabhadrar Temple : This is the third temple enroute to the main hill. Lord veerabhadrar is present inside the temple. The Herbal Park starts from here which makes the environment completely different. This is really a no pollution and silence zone.

Vanadhurga Temple
Vanadhurga Temple: This is the 5th temple enroute to the main hill.Goddess Vanadhurga is present herre. Lord Shiva along with his companion(Nandi) are also present here. This is the last temple in plane and here onwards, main hill starts.

Renugambal Temple
Renugambal Temple : This is the fourth temple enroute to the main hill bit out of the way. We need to walk around 100 mts from Veerabhadrar Temple to reach here. Goddess Renugambal is present in front of herbal pond(Agaya Gangai). One bath using the water from this pond may take away all the pain from body and tiredness and once again start feeling refreshed.

Siddhar Temple ( Mani Mandabam ) Siddhar Temple ( Mani Mandabam ) : This is the 6th temple enroute to top and first temple we find while climbing. This is basically not a temple. It is almost like a halt. We can see an idol of siddha here. It is beleived that many siddhas use to come here in night and practice their skills. The vibration of air from this point is certainly different.

Pachaiamman Temple
Pachaiamman Temple: This is the point, upto where the vehicles are allowed to go. Before we start climbing for main Shiva Temple, it is advised to perform pooja here inside the the temple and pray infornt of 6 munis by lighting camphors whose space size idols are been there. This is a prayer to god for our safety and well-being, while climbing on the hill.

Lord Shiva's feet :
Lord Shiva's feet : This is in the mid of vertical climb. This is beleived that, the symbols are the Lord Shiva's feet.

Kadaparai Sivan:
Kadaparai Sivan : This is the last temple enroute to top where lord Shiva is present. This is also the point from where almost vertical climbing(120 Degree Inclination Starts). Hence, the people who cant climb this part due to health issues or aged, they perform their main puja here itself and comes back.

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